AS Interface Master Gateway

Connect AS-Interface Slave Devices to the AS-Interface Master Gateway

AS-Interface Master

The AS-Interface Master implements an extended AS-Interface master (M4), and complies to version 3.0 of the AS-I Complete Specification.
It supports up to 62 slaves with a maximum of 248 digital input and 186 output signals. It also supports 124 analog values. All standard services are available including detailed diagnostics. The network interface is optically isolated and equipped with a 2-pin pluggable screw connector. The Master supports intelligent auto-configuration via the on-board configuration button or manual configuration via a terminal program such as Hyper Terminal for Windows.
The AS-interface module is certified by the AS Interface user organization and has proven conformance and interoperability with leading manufacturers of I/O, sensors, valves etc.

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Network 1: AS-Interface Master
Network 2: Ordering Part Number
EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave VS7820
DeviceNet Adapter/Slave VS7822
ControlNet Adapter/Slave VS7823
FIP IO Slave VS7824
Interbus Slave VS7825
Interbus Fiber Optic Slave VS7826
CANopen Slave VS7827
Modbus RTU Slave VS7828
Modbus Plus Slave VS7829
CC-Link Slave VS7830