BACnet to Modbus Gateway

Communicate with Modbus RTU/TCP devices on a BACnet/IP Network


The VirtualSCADA® BACnet to Modbus gateway allows Modbus devices to communicate on a BACnet network. The gateway works as a translator between the two networks allowing Modbus RTU, ASCII or TCP-devices to show up as individual BACnet-compliant devices on a BACnet/IP network. This enables central control and supervision of Modbus devices in a building for example.

User Manual (PDF 1.94 MB)

Installation Leaflet (PDF 1.75 MB)

BACnet Profile Builder (ZIP/XLS 105 KB)

BACnet Profile Verification Program (ZIP/EXE 11 KB)

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Protocol conversion between Modbus (RTU, ASCII, TCP) and BACnet/IP
Connects up to 30 Modbus serial devices to BACnet (Max. 1000 Registers)
Each connected Modbus device appears as an individual BACnet compliant device
Excel spreadsheet for creating Modbus Device Profiles
Built-in web server for commissioning and troubleshooting via a standard web browser
Rugged IP30 metal housing that mounts on a 35-mm DIN-rail
A reset button to return to the factory default if needed
LED indicators for status and communication
External terminating resistors included if required


5.16" x 1.58" x 3.94" (131 mm x 40 mm x 100 mm)

Power Supply

24 VDC

Operating Temperature

32 to 140°F (0 to +60°C)

Power Consumption



IP30 classed metal housing - DIN-rail mountable


CE, UL 508; C22.2 No. 142-M1987

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